Val d'Isère Luxury Ski Chalets

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Val d'Isère Luxury Ski Chalets

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SLEEP 8 People | Val d’Isere | Self-Catered | Breakfast | Hammam
Housekeeper | Concierge



SLEEP 8 People | Val d’Isere | Self-Catered | Indoor Pool | Hammam | Massage room
Housekeeper | Concierge



SLEEP 8 Adults & 4 Children | Val d’Isere | Self-Catered | Ski-in out | Home Cinema | Hammam
Housekeeper | Chef

Chalet White Pearl

Chalet White Pearl

SLEEP 10 people | Val d’Isère | Self-Catered | Breakfast | Pool | Hammam | Cinema Room | Massage Room
Butler | Housekeeper | Chauffeur

Chalet PY

Chalet PY

SLEEP 10 adults | Val d’Isere | Ski in ski out | Self-Catered | Leisure Area

Chalet Orso

Chalet Orso

SLEEP 12 adults & 3 children | Val d’Isere | Self-Catered | Ski-in out | Pool | Jacuzzi | Hammam | Sauna | Gym
Chef | Housekeeper

Chalet Himalaya

Chalet Himalaya

SLEEP 8 adults & 2 children | Val d’Isere | Catered | Ski-in out | Pool | Jacuzzi | Hammam | Sauna | Cinema
Butler | Chef | Housekeeper | Chauffeur

Chalet Toit du Monde

Chalet Toit du Monde

SLEEP 8 adults & 2 children | Val d’Isere | Catered | Ski-in out | Pool | Jacuzzi | Hammam | Sauna | Cinema
Butler | Chef | Housekeeper | Chauffeur



SLEEP 10 Adults & 1 Child | Val d’Isere | Self-Catered | Indoor Pool | Hammam | Massage Room



SLEEP 10 people | Val d’Isère | Catered | Ski-in Ski-out | Outdoor Jacuzzi | Hammam | Sauna |
Chef | Butler | Housekeeper | Chauffeur



SLEEP 14 people | Val d’Isère | Catered | Ski-in out | Pool | Hammam | Sauna | Jacuzzi | Gym |
Chef | Butler | Housekeeper | Chauffeur

Husky Dogs Sleigh

Accompanied by a musher, let yourself be guided by the dogs as a driver or passengers!

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Chamois and Ibex watching

Join the guards from the Vanoise National Park to observe the chamois and ibex in their winter habitat.

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Family Snowshoeing excursion

Enjoy an easy snowshoe walk with your children and experience the magic of the mountains.

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From Grenoble

Take the A41 motorway, heading towards Chambéry/Albertville, then take the A430 motorway towards Albertville, then the D902 departmental road to Val d’Isère. (2-hours drive)

From Chambéry

Take the A43 motorway towards Turin/Milan/Albertville, then take the A430 motorway towards Albertville, then the D902 departmental road to Val d’Isère. (1-hour 20 minutes drive)


From Lyon to Bourg St Maurice train station : it takes around 3 hours 40 minutes to get from Lyon to Bourg St Maurice by train.

From Chambéry to Bourg St Maurice train station: it takes around 1 hour 50 minutes to get from Chambéry to Bourg St Maurice by train.

Bourg St Maurice train station is about 45 minutes from Val d`Isère (32 km).
We arrange a transfer service by taxi, car with chauffeur, helicopter. Ask our agency upon booking.


From Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport:2-hours 40 minutes transfer (221 km).

From Chambéry Airport: 2-hours transfer (144 km).

From Grenoble Airport: 2-hours 35 minutes transfer (217 km).

From Geneva International Airport: 2-hour 40 minutes transfer (222 km).


Helicopter or jet transfer between Val d’Isère and all local airports (Annecy, Chambéry, Geneva, Grenoble, Lyon) are available at our agency upon booking. Helicopter transfers take around 30 minutes. Count around €1,600.00 for 1-5 people from Geneva each way and around €1,500.00 from Lyon. For further details contact us.

We arrange a transfer service by taxi, car with chauffeur, helicopter, private jet. Ask our agency upon booking.


Part of the Espace Killy Ski Resort


Val d’Isère is a small authentic Savoie village, nestled in the hollow of one of the well-known Parc de la Vanoise valleys, enveloped in the magic of Winter from November till May. Since the 40s, its exceptional skiing area and its welcoming village have made Val d’Isère an internationally renowned resort promoted by its very first champions Henri Oreiller, the Goitschel sisters and the unique Jean Claude Killy, who was so noteworthy that the legendary domain that links Val d’Isère and Tignes is named after him : L’Espace Killy.

Since the 30s, Val d’Isère has been doted with numerous factors that make for incredible skiing, such as long-lasting snow cover, well exposed slopes, numerous and far-reaching snowfields. It is hardly surprising that today it has become one of the world skiing capitals and that its skiing area is one of the most beautiful in the whole world.
Today, as in times gone by, the Espace Killy, whose 155 pistes stretch out over 300 km without counting the incomparable off-piste area, is still so well respected that it has been the chosen spot for over half a century for the famous Première Neige rally, two traditional and unmissable weekends of World Cup skiing that are very much talked about every year in the whole of Europe and are a great kick-start to the snow season.

The Olympics in 1992, The Alpine Skiing World Championships in 2009, Première Neige Rally for 54 years – in Val d’Isère, top champions have been tearing down the Face de Bellevarde and the Solaise piste for years. You’ll soon be following in the tracks !

For freestyle fans, there are 2 snowparks just for you and obviously the unsullied Vanoise domain is open for freeriding. The area is open to everybody and there is always the option of coming back down on a lift.

Not only do people come to Val d’Isère because it’s the most beautiful skiing area in the world, they also come because the village has managed to conserve its authentic mountain village spirit living in harmony with nature and the passing of the seasons. Baroque churches, stone chalets, slate roofs… In Val d’Isère, respect for the local architectural heritage is paramount, taking into account the harmonious usage of stone and wood and the harnessing of a controlled development.

Whether or not you plan on skiing, it’s a great place to go and get that mountain feeling, be it at the meeting point of majestic massifs or during a sled dog ride or snowshoe/seal-skin trek to discover the wild fauna of the region. A pedestrian pass will allow you to admire the marvellous panoramas from the summits and specialised monitors will also accompany you for cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking off the beaten path in the midst of breathtaking scenery.
And for everyone, numerous events organised throughout the skiing season will light up your stay : torchlit descents, fireworks, snow polo…


In order to learn to ski in complete security, 20 different ski schools offer private and group lessons imparted in a large variety of languages for skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, snowshoe trekking, and cross-country skiing…
Reserve your Alpine skiing lessons for beginners or competitive skiers as well, for snowboarding, freestyle skiing, Telemark skiing, snow-skating, carving, and cross-country skiing.

Don’t forget to make your reservations in advance for school holiday periods.


Enthusiasts of skiing in untouched territory through lost valleys and down virgin slopes can try off-piste skiing the safe way and go with a guide.
Seeing as off-piste skiing requires experience, local knowledge and certain skills, with a guide, you will cut down the risks and be able to live out the uninhibited intoxication of powder skiing.

Alone, with the family or in a private group, from wobbly skiers to seasoned specialists, you can easily slip into the beautiful ‘Vallée Perdue’, an off-piste slope accessible to everybody.
Les Marmottes, la Combe du Cheval, le Haut du Bec d’Aigle… Yet more magical spots to enjoy in the company of an experienced guide.

We work with numerous mountain guides who will equally accompany you if you fancy trying your hand at something slightly more unusual, such as heli-skiing, to guarantee an incredible descent of the Bonneval or you could even be dropped of at some fabulous spots in Italy with panoramic views of Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles du Diable. It’s literally magical !

Back-country skiing trails are not groomed nor maintained so it’s an activity to enjoy at your own risk, therefore adequate security equipment is necessary. The presence of a high mountain guide or a free ride ski instructor is strongly recommended.
With your guides, you’ll limit the risk of danger and you’ll be able to experience the high of the immaculate powdery snow on the secret routes away from the crowds.


No problem !

Families coming with tiny tots are not mistaken in choosing Val d’Isère, heralded as the Famille Plus Montagne resort, a reliable judge that it’s a good place for kids. A Village des Enfants guarantees some excellent mountain moments for kids of all ages, welcoming children from as little as 18 months and up to 13 years of age, cared for by certified coordinators, with new sledging slopes, free slopes reserved for beginners and various entertainments and organised activities.

On demand, we’ll take care of finding you an experienced nanny who can speak the language of your choice to take care of your children of 3 months and older and we’ll gladly organize sports activities and cultural indoor (fun hands-on activities, reading, singing, movies…) and outdoor activities (sledding and different snow games, tobogganing, going on walks in the garden…) for your children, for a half-day or full-day.

ESF (Ecole de Ski Française)

Snow Garden and Club Piou Piou
A well-equipped and spacious chalet in the children Snow Garden allow your 4 or 5 years old children to learn skiing thanks to games in a 100% safe environment. Lessons in the snow garden are restricted to a maximum of 6 children per instructor rising to 8 during the French school holiday periods. Lessons time for the whole day are from 9.30 AM to 12.30PM and from 2PM to 5PM.
There’s also a snow garden in La Daille.

Beginners lessons for children from 5 years old, ideal for your child’s first steps on snow, are available at the Val d’Isère ESF. They learn to move gently down and stop (Ourson and Flocon levels). You can choose morning or afternoon lessons or a full day.

Children from 3,5 years old are accepted for a half-day trial during school holidays.
Children from 3 years old are accepted for a half-day trial outside school holidays.

Val d'Isère ESF Ecole de Ski Française. Picture of a child having a ski lesson.

Private and Group Lessons

The Val d’Isère ESF instructors conduct private and small group lessons (6 to 8 person limit) for children 5 and older in numerous languages and also conduct full day training sessions :

– Children 5 to 12 can attend group ski lessons in the children’s playground and test for their Ourson until the Etoile d’or.
– Children from 13 years old and with the Fleche or Bronze Star level achieved, can experience the freedom of freestyling with the ESF Freestyle lessons.
– Competition course are available during the French school holidays for teens from 13 years old and up. They train in Giant Slalom and Super G with special free skiing working on bumps and humps with technical video analysis and help on individual corrections. They can also participate in the ESF races including Ski d’Or & Coq d’Or.
– Special Lunchtime 1 Hour private lesson for teenagers will boost their improvement. They’ll work on personal challenges and progress quickly.
– Snowboard lessons for all levels from beginners to expert snowboarders will help your teen from 13 years old to learn more techniques.
– Your children can discover the ski area of Val d’Isère in private lessons tailored to individual’s requirements. You can choose from a private lesson individually or with a small group of same level skiers, that will boost confidence.

Free Activities for children under 5

At the ski lift ticket counters you can get a free package deal for children under 5 years of age, just by showing any type of identification accompanied with a photo.
To help your children master those snow plough turns, 3 ski lifts are free on the lower slopes. At the Solaise (Savonnette Draglift, Village chairlift) and in La Daille (Lanches Draglift).
The Sunny Ride piste, located beside the Poum covered magic carpet lift, starting from the top station of the new Solaise gondola, is also open to all !
A sleigh area located on the nursery slope is also available for free for parents and kids to enjoy. (The sledges are not provided).
You can also head to the Beach World with your whole family, a 800m2 of aquatic facilities where entrance is free for children under 5 years old or spend time to the ice skating rink in the middle of the village.


This flagship station offers everything that you could ever dream of for your daily needs as well as numerous sports shops of name brands, fashion clothing and fun holiday souvenirs.
You can also taste local products during your stay, especially cheeses and wines that you won’t forget to take back home with you.


So that you can relax over a drink or recharge your batteries over lunch, Val d’Isère offers a large variety of modern and traditional cuisine restaurants at affordable prices.

La Fruitière et la Folie Douce

La Fruitière is considered as one of the best traditional French gourmet restaurant in Val d’Isère. At an elevation of 2400 meters, just next to the cable car of La Daille, it has created a phenomenal place where dishes are sophisticated, but generous and invigorating.
In this former cheese cooperative, high-quality wines, very new Savoyard cuisine, playful and tasty dishes are served under the watchful eyes of Maestro Franck Mischler, who was once at the Cheval Blanc in Lembach. Reblochon and bacon lollipop, Beaufort quiche, trout pavé with Royan ravioli, monkfish served in a tureen with lobster sauce, Savoyard stew, roasted poultry, roasted suckling pig accompanied by a potatoes puree with truffles enchant even the most discerning palate without difficulty.

Picture of the "bistronomic" Restaurant La Fruitière and La Folie Douce in Val d'Isère.

Picture of a dish at the "bistronomic" Restaurant La Fruitière and La Folie Douce in Val d'Isère.

L’Atelier d’Edmond

The restaurant L’Atelier d’Edmond is an authentic Savoyard restaurant in a fantastic setting, with a constantly renewed menu and “A la carte” dishes. Rewarded with a Michelin star in 2012 and a second star in 2015, Benoît Vidal invites the full Savoie flavours and best products to your table, with his fox or his mondeuse that are slipping in the mouth like velvet. The “menu du marché” makes you take exquisite bush ways, with the celery risotto with Beaufort, the fera fillet of Léman Lake with its reduction of sour carrots, before the very nice desserts that arrive there in light bursts.

Picture of the Michelin Rated restaurant L'Atelier d'Edmond to enjoy a fabulous and creative Savoyard gastronomy in Val d'Isère.
Picture of the Michelin Rated restaurant L'Atelier d'Edmond to enjoy a fabulous and creative Savoyard gastronomy in Val d'Isère.


This is the kind of address, simple and good-natured, that one wants to keep for oneself. The Avancher exists since 1958, away from the center, as a hostel with wood charm and simplicity. The young Frédéric Monneret, who has been reunited with Val d’Isère for eleven years, has taken over this real mountain chalet whose construction dates back to 1949.
People come here to taste the real specialities of the Savoy. Saint-Bernard snails, charcuteries du Père Rullier, fondue with summer Beaufort, but also with ceps, with whiskey and the “Royale” with Comté, champagne and truffles, tartiflette, raclette (served on the plate) and fresh trout with apremont cheese. As a bonus, you can also taste a duck breast with sweet and sour sauce, beef rib for two, faisselle from the Adroit farm and tart Tatin with caramel and salted butter.

La Table d’Yvonne at Les 5 Frères hotel

It is a sweet house in the heart of the village that was – and remains – one of the oldest hotels in the resort. Of the five Mattis brothers who created the home in 1919, the two great-grandchildren, Audrey and Valérie continue the tradition. They have renovated the rooms and given tone to the house with its cosy living room, fireplace, large table d’hôte.
At La Table d’Yvonne, the name of one of the grandmothers, the young Laurent Hollander, gives his version of mountain cuisine. Blanquette of veal, curry of lamb, pot au feu make nice dishes to be shared with family.
Here you can also savour the ravioles forestières, salted pies with green salad, the quasi de veau in a casserole cooked in its juice with its onions and its mushrooms, as well as the risotto cooked according to seasons with mushrooms, tomatoes and asparagus, or the childhood dishes such as shells and ham, Savoyard fondue, tartiflette or brasérade without forgetting the poultry ballotine.

Picture of the traditional Savoyard restaurant Les Cinq Frères in Val d'Isère.


Mythical locations have already been giving Val d’Isère its fine reputation for a long time.
La Folie Douce is located at the top of the La Daille gondola and frequented by as many people coming up from the resort in casual clothes as from the pistes. It has DJs and live bands on an open terrace and rocks from mid-afternoon until the lifts close. The Banana is of Val’s liveliest après bars near the bottom of La Face.
Cocorico Expect DJs or live music at this lively spot near the bottom of the home run from Solaise. Cocorico is increasingly popular, not least because of its proximity to the town, and by night, the basement becomes Doudoune, a lively club opened from 10pm until 5am every night.


Whatever activities you’re into, just ask In-Luxe Chalets France. We arrange parasailing, tobogganing, hot-air ballooning, ice-skating, Torchlight descents, Husky Sledding, Horse Drawn Sleigh rides, Trail Basher Driving, Snow Mobile rides, Glacier walking or ice climbing, Heli-skiing, Helicopter tours, etc.

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